What is a WORKSHOP?

A workshop is very different from a lecture or other educational or speaking engagement. We create an open environment for team dialog and ask questions to help clarify information. While our Facilitators can provide an educational component and specific skills development, they do not provide project-specific answers. Expecting a Facilitator to assign goals or establish processes is contrary to the purpose of Partnering and other team-based working sessions.

Participants must be willing to attend and ready to be active participants. This is a time for your team to voice their expectations and concerns. They also establish and agree on processes for how their working relationship will function.

Engaged Team Members   =   Productive Working Session

Traditional Partnering:

  • Initial Partnering Workshop at start of Construction – get started on the right foot
  • Periodic Partnering Follow-up (quarterly or at major milestones) – maintaining focus / staying on track

Taking Partnering A Step Further:

  • Facilitated Issue Resolution – when you need objective guidance
  • Project close-out – Open discussion of our lessons learned
  • Alternative Delivery Projects Team Scoping – CMAR, Design-Build, CMGC, etc.
  • Design Scoping – Helping Owner’s get the services they want with guided discussion
  • Internal Corporate Alignment (within one entity)
  • Executive-Level Partnering (between involved entities)
  • Risk Assessments
  • LEED and sustainability focused workshops
  • Value Engineering Workshops
  • Total Project Team IntegrationTM
  • On-line monthly evaluation tool for team performance

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