Monitor Team Progress

“What gets measured gets done”

W. Edward Deming

A critical component in maintaining a strong and healthy team working relationship is an active commitment to monitoring how the team is performing. We help your team do this through establishing team consensus goals to which the entire team commits. This is different than process. These are behavior-related goals on how we agree to work together.

In the evaluation, you invite feedback from any team member that is regularly and actively involved. They rate team performance and provide comments for each goal. This is not about finger pointing. It is a rating of the overall team performance, so participants are including their own performance in their evaluations.

By monitoring your team goals on a regular basis, typically monthly, you can track where the team is excelling, and where it is having challenges. With current information on emerging challenges, you can proactively discuss, address and correct how the team is working. As with any tracking system, this increases performance and success.

RHA offers a proprietary online goal evaluation tool on a subscription basis. This allows the team to monitor their goals in a scorecard format. Your team may have as many goals as they believe are necessary, and update or modify them as needed over the course of the project. There is no limit on the number of participants providing feedback. It is driven by your project and your team’s needs.

Results are provided in a simple to understand graphic format. You can review overall and ongoing performance for each goal to identify emerging trends. You can also view results by participant group to compare perception of performance on each goal. For example, if the contractor believes the team is struggling in an area, while the owner reports that they are doing well, we know that a conversation is necessary to fully understand what impacts or challenges exist. This tool opens conversation and helps the team understand and align with one another.

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