Value Methodology Fundamentals 1 & 2 Certification


This course is designed for individuals involved in planning, design and construction projects, including planners, architects, engineers, construction managers, contractors, cost estimators and owners. Additionally, individuals in manufacturing and industry including program managers, product managers, engineers, designers, etc. Learn an extremely valuable process to help you make improvements, seek out innovation and opportunities to projects, products and even the way you and your company does business. This course is also the first step in the certification process. Once you take the course and pass the VMA exam, you will obtain your first level of certification.


Renee Hoekstra, CVS (Managing Partner, RHA, LLC)

Renee is a Certified Value Specialist® with over 30 years of experience in the design and construction industry and over 25 years of facilitation and team leader experience. Renee has led over 2500 teams and has supplied training for value engineering for introductory, VMF 1 (formerly Module I), VMF 2 (formerly Module II) certification, and team member training.  She has led VE/VA studies and constructability reviews over the past 17 years across the country and abroad.  She also provides other types of training in facilitation, communication, leadership, risk analysis, life cycle costing, and risk management.  Renee currently serves on the SAVE National Board as Executive Vice President.

Patrice Miller, CVS (Managing Partner, RHA, LLC)

Pat Miller is a Certified Value Specialist® and managing partner of RHA, LLC, a woman-owned business headquartered in Glendale, Arizona.  Having worked in the A/E/C industry for over 20 years, she leads teams worldwide through the SAVE International® value methodology to achieve an optimum balance between function, performance, quality, safety, and cost—with the proper balance resulting in the maximum value for the project.  She has taught the value methodology for SAVE International® and RHA.  In 2014, Pat was recognized by SAVE International® as a “Rising Star.”  She has written and presented several papers on the value methodology and serves as adviser for several aspiring CVS® candidates.  Pat is active in the SAVE International® Arizona Chapter.

Value Methodology Fundamentals 1 (VMF 1) Training Course

This training workshop is designed for individuals involved in manufacturing or construction.  You will learn an extremely valuable process to help you make improvements, seek out innovation and opportunities for products, projects, programs and processes (the 4 Ps), and even the way you and your organization does business.  This course is the first step toward

the certification process.  Once you complete this course and pass the VMA exam, you will obtain your first level of certification.

Training materials will be supplemented with techniques, team exercises and case studies tailored to the particular student audience.

This Value Methodology Fundamentals 1 course materials and instructors have been approved by SAVE International.

APRIL 1st – 4th 2019, Phoenix AZ.       More Info.                    Register Online

Course Outline:

VMA and CVS Core Competencies

Value Methodology Basics

Value Methodology History

Value Methodology Certification

Concept of Value

Six Phase Value Methodology Job Plan

Value Methodology Fundamentals 2 (VMF 2) Training Course

Successful completion of the VMF 2 training course is one of the requirements for Certified Value Specialist certification through SAVE International.  The VMF 2 course moves beyond the tools and techniques of the Value Methodology Fundamentals 1 (VMF 1) training and focuses on critical value management study leadership, program management and management interaction.  The VMF 2 course builds on the VMF 1 training through supplementary information and participation in the following:

  • Review and expand on the Value Methodology concepts, standards, project and team member selection/roles as well as Pre-Workshop preparation
  • Provide more insight to Function Analysis, FAST diagramming, creativity techniques and ideas evaluation
  • Understand financial evaluation, economic choice, project risk/uncertainty and life-cycle costing
  • Manage in-house value programs, selling VM study results and how to break down institutional barriers to acceptance