The VE Job Plan

A term you will often hear is the “Job Plan”, or “Six-Step Job Plan.” The process map below, produced by SAVE International, will help you understand this comprehensive and structured approach.



  • Identify team members
  • Define workshop location
  • Review project documentation
  • Prepare for the Value Study (workshop)

Value Study (Workshop) Job Plan

  • Information Phase
    • Gather, organize and analyze data
    • Define costs and cost models
    • Define the problem/purpose of the study
    • Define study scope, define project goals and workshop goals
  • Function Analysis Phase
    • Define and evaluate functions
    • Define needs versus wants
  • Creativity Phase
    • What else will perform the function?
    • Is this function required?
  • Evaluation Phase
    • Rank and rate the ideas to select
    • Refine the best ideas for further development
  • Development Phase
    • Develop the best ideas into VE Alternatives with support and justification
  • Presentation/Implementation Phase
    • VE team presents results
    • Prepare and issue the report
    • Report implementation ideas

Post Study

  • Implement approved alternatives
  • Monitor status

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