Value Engineering/Analysis

True Value Engineering is

Increasing overall project value AND accomplishing performance requirements,
not cutting costs at the expense of performance.

The parent term is Value Methodology; however, you might hear any of these synonymous terms:

Value Analysis  =  Value Engineering  =  Value Management

At RHA, we live our commitment to improving program and project success by focusing on overall value. Proven effectiveness is the key, and the value methodology as defined by SAVE International, the “value society”, is a long-standing winner. Through our value analysis/value engineering (VA/VE) program, the RHA team helps you increase the success of your program or project. Project and business process studies follow the SAVE-approved job plan and are led by one of our qualified and experienced Certified Value Specialists (CVS).

Fun Fact: The term Value Engineering came about in the 50’s because the military had a budget for Engineers, but not Analysts. To allow them to hire value analysis services they renamed the service to Value Engineering from Value Analysis.

How You Benefit:


  • Verify Fiscal Responsibility
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Performance Improvements
  • Quality Improvements
  • Time Savings
  • 50-year proven track record
  • Productivity Improvements


  • Initial Cost Control
  • Reduced Life Cycle Costs
  • Results Oriented
    • Enhanced Operations
    • 5-15% Cost Savings
    • Reduce Life Cycle Costs
  • Benefit to Cost (ROI) 20:1


What makes Value Engineering and the Value Methodology different from other approaches?

  • Function-based: Define the core functions that allow us to achieve the performance criteria
  • Results-oriented: Identify alternate ways to reliably accomplish a function that meets the performance criteria of the customer
  • Involve a diverse team from multiple disciplines related to the project or process
  • Focus on adding value, not simply cost-cutting

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RHA provides training in SAVE International’s Value Engineering approach from an introductory class to VMF I and VMF II certification classes.


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