RHA, the Kiewit Community Outreach Coordinator and her staff are extremely professional and reliable.

Fry's Food Stores


RHA’s staff met me and my staff at the property and answered all of our questions. As well the outreach coordinator stayed in constant contact with us, informing us of any changes that are occurring, or just to see how we are doing.

Dunlap & Magee Property Management on the Light Rail Project


On one of the many challenges we experienced, RHA went above and beyond to help develop and coordinate with the City of Phoenix staff, Metro and Kiewit last minute signage and detour paths.

City of Phoenix


Our Kingdom Hall is used so frequently (day and night) your help with the ingress and egress to our parking lot with minimal disruption has been greatly appreciated.

Solano Congregation of Jehovah’s Witness


I have had the opportunity to use RHA for Partnering facilitation, and to compare them to a dozen or more other consultants. I found them to be dynamic and entertaining, and they kept the process moving effectively. RHA is at the top of my list for repeat business.

Assistant for Construction, Department of the Navy


At the beginning of our meeting there were a couple of (participants) that appeared to only see things from their side of the fence, so I felt as if Partnering would not be accomplished. By the end of the meeting, you had sure turned the tables to a positive one, with the same goals and Partnering attitudes. You did one fine job throughout the presentation in getting through to the hard heads in the group. The presentation you put on was excellent, and I personally thank you for it.

Project Manager, SBBI, Inc., Luke Air Force Base Project


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