Risk for Partnering

An advanced technique that RHA has incorporated into both our Alternative Delivery projects and our traditional Partnering workshops is a structured discussion and analysis of project risk. Clients are excited to uncover and proactively address issues which historically cause delay and result in large cost overruns during construction.

From our experience over the past 20 years in the design and construction industry, we have observed many project challenges that could have been avoided had we taken the time to discuss Risk during the design phases of a project.  Risk does not go away because we avoid talking about it, it typically gets more complicated and more expensive – resulting in higher change order costs – than if the risk would have been addressed early.

However, what is interesting is that contractors often view project risks differently from the owner and the designer, so even if we do address some of the risks during design, there are still other risks that should be discussed once we move into construction.  Learn how to use a risk register during the design process and then at the partnering session for construction to help project teams gain a better understanding of the overall risk impacts and develop plans for addressing the identified risks to help reduce impacts on your project.

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