RHA Presents at the SAVE International 2015 Value Summit in San Diego –

Renee Hoekstra, CVS presented her newly developed program entitled Function-Based Design®, which was well attended by many at the conference.  The program is a “new” way of looking at providing value to a project, from cradle to grave.  What is this “new” approach, well it’s not really that new, but more of an integrated and formal approach.

Value management has been successful for years, but we seem to struggle year after year to grow the industry the way many of us know it should.  We continue to promote that the value methodology can provide benefits throughout the delivery process of a project or program.  However, what we find is that most organizations apply the methodology much later in a project, usually around 30% design, if we’re lucky, but often as late as 60%.  What ends up happening is that we move along down the project development path, only to stop, do a workshop, and then go back, make changes, and then continue forward.  Many Project Managers want to avoid using the methodology because it impacts their delivery schedule in a negative way.  Might this approach be part of our challenges with getting organizations to better embrace the value management process?  What if………we integrated the VE job plan throughout the delivery process!

If you’d like to read about the process,  Function Based Design