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Build Better Proposals

In most cases, owners have a choice of competent consultants to provide the professional services they require.  The owner selection panel receives a lot of information from consultants they consider qualified to perform the work.  When the project owner has a choice of competent consultants to provide professional services, how can you stand out from your competitors?  How can you differentiate your firm from the competition?  How can you demonstrate to the owner that you are the right selection?  The question, then, is what can you do to improve your chances in getting selected for the targeted project?

Preparing a response to an owner’s Request for Qualifications/Request for Proposal that can get in the mind of the owner and clearly state the value for the owner, stakeholders, and project throughout its life cycle will improve your opportunities for selection success.  Applying the value engineering methodology to the proposal process is one tool that you should consider adding to your marketing toolbox to distinguish your firm among your competition, and present a compelling response to the owner for why you should be selected.

To understand more about how you can use the value methodology to build better proposals, get selected, and improve your hit rate today, call us to learn more.

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