Process Improvement Studies

Flexibility is Key

Process studies require a dynamic and flexible approach.  For this reason, we at RHA largely prefer SAVE International’s Value Methodology. It is an incredibly flexible system that can be applied to both simple and complex problems. Its ability to change and flow with the needs of the study are unparalleled.  Our team leaders have performed numerous studies for Agencies with highly successful results. By maintaining an open mind and a willingness to modify our approach when confronted with new information, we have continually shown that the RHA team leaders are able to meet the needs of the process, team and the client.  This is a very important part of why RHA is the best possible firm to meet your organization’s needs.

Process improvement studies can place a number of strains on the study team. We maintain an environment where the team can provide input, express their concerns and feel that they are truly a part of the improvement process.  Our team leaders pride themselves on their efforts to engage the study team members and get their “buy in” to moving forward.  One project sponsor is quoted saying “I am particularly impressed with the RHA Team Leader’s communication skills and her ability to breakdown the processes and issues and present the information to the group in a way that gives all participants of the study the opportunity to contribute in a positive manner.”

Implementation Is a Critical Step

Implementation is the hardest step and is historically managed solely by you the client’s project team. It requires commitment and work from all managers and staff to move the process forward. This is an additional load placed upon an already hard-working internal team. Identified improvements do not help if they are not implemented or incorporated. Our services can extend to support of the Implementation Team to facilitate incorporation of key implementation steps. RHA believes this improvement in the process approach will provide the additional help necessary in getting the process to the final step, the implementation of the selected improvements.

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