Putting the handshake back into construction…

When we say we are putting the handshake back into the construction process, we mean just that! Industry professionals take great pride in being a part of projects which will last for generations. People have more satisfaction when they are a part of a team which was truly exceptional. Who wouldn’t? There is no reason that we should function in an adversarial system, allow this amazing process to become drudgery, and let the legal system solve our problems. Our dedicated and innovative professionals have the ability to incorporate skills and processes that support strong teamwork with a continued focus on the success of the project. This is where RHA guides your team to building success.

RHA provides tailored Partnering and Scoping programs for each project or team. Our facilitators encourage a high-energy, enjoyable experience that results in a strong “team” foundation and provides the tools to maintain the process throughout the project.

RHA does more than facilitate your projects. We work directly with you to develop a customized program and approach designed to meet the specific needs of each team and project. We do not believe in “off-the-shelf” programming. Although the elements of the Partnering and Scoping process are often the same, the experience of the contractor, designer, construction manager and the owner’s staff members may vary.

The goals of the Partnering workshops are to establish an effective project management team, develop consensus on the project goals, and open lines of communication among team members.


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