Partnering – San Francisco’s Commitment to Exceptionalism

The City of San Francisco held its’ First Annual Partnering Symposium on February 27th, 2014. Mayor Mike Lee spoke passionately about the City’s commitment to Partnering as a better way of doing business. Their central goal is to provide the highest level of fiscal responsibility possible with the funds available – and have the ability to demonstrate value improvement – to its citizens and taxpayers. San Francisco’s goal to be an Agency of Choice to attract the most innovative contractors and consultants, and internalize the spirit of Partnering within its agency from management to staff, helps ensure that the public servants, designers and contractors maintain a clear focus on building the best projects possible for San Francisco.

RHA committed to a vendor booth at this event as a source of information about Partnering facilitation and to answer questions for the participants on how Partnering will support their agency programs. Agency representatives were able to receive guidance on their current issues from our industry-experienced facilitators, Renee Hoekstra and Lisa Lowery.