Advanced Partnering Techniques

Innovating our industry…

At RHA, our team members continuously review:

  • Project challenges that your team experiences, and
  • New and important goals to our client base.

With our future-focused attitude, we invest time developing new processes and methods to make your job easier and project more successful.

Many of our Contractor and Agency clients understand the value and benefits of Partnering as a more comfortable and productive way to do business. We often refer to it as “putting the handshake back into business.”

Owner Benefits:

  • Lower change orders
  • Fewer claims
  • Higher stakeholder satisfaction
  • Increase in innovative solutions
  • Supportive team attitudes


Contractor Benefits:

  • Streamlined issue resolutions
  • Lower overhead costs
  • Stronger relationship and reputation with Owner
  • Efficient worksite
  • Maintained or increased profit


Contact us to discuss how we can support your organization to get more from the process and be on the leading edge nationwide.

Implement RHA techniques such as:

  • Total Project Team IntegrationTM
  • Internal Alignment, or Top to Bottom Buy-in
  • Management-level Alignment
  • Risk Assessments
  • LEED and sustainability focused workshops
  • Specialized support processes for Alternative Project Delivery methodologies
  • Assigned Project Facilitator program

Design Scoping

This service benefits both Owners and Design Professionals. Historically Owners have had certain expectations in the depth of research and independent design that a Designer will be providing. The problem occurs for Designers when they provide work, which they believe meets the Owner’s intent, but the Owner objects. This subjects the Designer to redesign fees and extra hours that are not in their budget. The result is that Designers are cautious in creating only designs based upon Owner direction. This limits innovation, economy and creative solutions to the client’s needs when working with a design professional. A facilitated conversation involving goals and expectation of both the Owner and Design team allow each to craft an appropriate scope and budget to the process.

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