z_Debbi Madigan, AVS

Associate Value Specialist (AVS), SAVE International

Debbi manages set up and document maintenance of all RHA projects including contracting, document management and administration closeouts. Her project support activities to coordinate technical teams, manage travel and arrange facilities for each project, ensures that every RHA project is delivered smoothly.

With 8-years of experience in the engineering and construction industry, Debbi has the insight and familiarity necessary to support the most demanding projects. Her avid attention to organization and impressive research abilities support the administration and coordination services necessary for a project to be successful.

Administration & Coordination
• Management of administrative activities both at a project level and for RHA
• Establish project electronic and hard documentation including database and system updates
• Maintenance of necessary documentation for the Project Leader including client or subcontractor needs
• Coordination of turnkey facilities and meeting arrangements for client and Team Leader/Facilitator
• Administration of all RHA DBE/WBE/SBE requirements
• City and State roster pre-qualification enrollment
• RFP/RFQ proposal coordination and management
• Accounting follow-up with clients

Project Administration
• Contracts, contract management, execution, payment and project support
• Management of timelines, necessary submittals – customer point of contact
• Provide subcontractor information and agreements
• Reports, milestones and overall documentation generation
• Tracking documentation, submittals and approvals
• Time record/Invoice processing with client-specific format
• Provide necessary closeout requirements for the client

Professional Affiliations:
SAVE International, The Value Society

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