Community Outreach

Through our overall experience in the design and construction industry, we have come to understand our community partners. This helps us provide better services to our clients and to the communities they serve because we truly believe in a joint approach to community outreach known as ”Partnering with the Public.”

RHA is focused on customer service. We go above and beyond the ordinary needs to ensure our projects, the public, and our clients benefit from RHA’s involvement. Services include all forms of notification: written, digital and face-to-face; 24-hour hotlines; web design and maintenance; public and stakeholder meetings; bi-lingual; project signage; and outreach program management. Our goal is to help you achieve the necessary outcomes for success.

We bring expertise in facilitating and training for public- and private-sector clients – providing services for major construction and design projects, community goal setting, stakeholder outreach, and public agency “internal” Partnering.

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