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August 11, 2016 – Renee Hoekstra, CVS presents “Performance-based Decision Making”

  • August 11, 2016 – Renee Hoekstra, CVS presents “Performance-based Decision Making” at the Arizona Chapter APWA Statewide Conference in Tucson, Arizona. Decision-making can sometimes be affected by individual preferences, wants and desires and may not be based on what is best for the program or project. Using performance-based tools provides the team and/or management with a better understanding of “how” a program or project must perform and what defines success. This process will show the participants how to focus on Performance, including some examples of standard Performance Attributes and the importance of defining Performance so that all involved have a consensus understanding before moving forward.

August 11, 2016 – On behalf of SAVE International

Arizona Chapter, Arnecia Williams (USACE Los Angeles District), AVS presents “Value Engineering for Ecosystem Restoration Projects Using Enhanced Methodologies.”  This presentation is about using the value engineering process—managing the methodology objectives, study approaches and attributes, and barriers of ecosystem restoration projects. Additionally, it will discuss encouraging the VE team and owner to pursue tools that can enhance the traditional techniques. This includes the ability to enhance creative decision-making capability available in value engineering studies by explaining how environmental and new techniques can enhance the study results. This presentation will discuss water quality, habitat improvements and connectivity, sustainability, public acceptability, and team management. Also presenting on behalf of SAVE, Doug Williams (Flood Control District of Maricopa County) and Patrice Miller, CVS (SAVE International, Arizona Chapter Vice President)—“How the FCDMC Uses Value Management Tools in Early Project Planning.”  There is insufficient recognition of the important role that value management has within projects. To be accountable to the communities we serve, we need to deliver high-functioning, cost-appropriate systems. A case study of the Rawhide Wash Project is presented to support the case for a better understanding of integrating value management within the early planning of projects. Tools from the value management process are presented which when used in the early stages of project development can result in good decision-making to best meet project requirements.

RHA Presents at the SAVE International 2015 Value Summit in San Diego –

Renee Hoekstra, CVS presented her newly developed program entitled Function-Based Design®, which was well attended by many at the conference.  The program is a “new” way of looking at providing value to a project, from cradle to grave.  What is this “new” approach, well it’s not really that new, but more of an integrated and formal approach.

Value management has been successful for years, but we seem to struggle year after year to grow the industry the way many of us know it should.  We continue to promote that the value methodology can provide benefits throughout the delivery process of a project or program.  However, what we find is that most organizations apply the methodology much later in a project, usually around 30% design, if we’re lucky, but often as late as 60%.  What ends up happening is that we move along down the project development path, only to stop, do a workshop, and then go back, make changes, and then continue forward.  Many Project Managers want to avoid using the methodology because it impacts their delivery schedule in a negative way.  Might this approach be part of our challenges with getting organizations to better embrace the value management process?  What if………we integrated the VE job plan throughout the delivery process!

If you’d like to read about the process,  Function Based Design


RHA Sparks Innovation at SAVE International Conference

SAVE International Conference (Chicago, IL):  RHA was well represented at the SAVE International Conference with two team members presenting, Laurie Dennis, P.E., CVS-Life, FSAVE and Patrice Miller.  Laurie’s paper presentation  demonstrated the merits of applying VE early to identify innovative alternatives with a case study of the Washington State Department of Transportation’s North Spokane Corridor project.  At the conference’s innovation track, Patrice explored applying the value methodology to the proposal process as a useful tool in the consultant marketing toolbox.

Partnering – San Francisco’s Commitment to Exceptionalism

The City of San Francisco held its’ First Annual Partnering Symposium on February 27th, 2014. Mayor Mike Lee spoke passionately about the City’s commitment to Partnering as a better way of doing business. Their central goal is to provide the highest level of fiscal responsibility possible with the funds available – and have the ability to demonstrate value improvement – to its citizens and taxpayers. San Francisco’s goal to be an Agency of Choice to attract the most innovative contractors and consultants, and internalize the spirit of Partnering within its agency from management to staff, helps ensure that the public servants, designers and contractors maintain a clear focus on building the best projects possible for San Francisco.

RHA committed to a vendor booth at this event as a source of information about Partnering facilitation and to answer questions for the participants on how Partnering will support their agency programs. Agency representatives were able to receive guidance on their current issues from our industry-experienced facilitators, Renee Hoekstra and Lisa Lowery.